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zurbrügg & band - "staying / leaving" - music & film

A little village in the Swiss Alps: Kiental. Inspiration for the play "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt who quite often sat in the bakery with her grandfather and "Bäziwasser".

In 2000 Christina Zurbrügg is entrusted with two film reels about her home village: She lends her voice to the original document with newly composed music and literary texts. Together with the musician and filmmaker Michael Hudecek she creates a very personal found footage remix with humor and poetry.

"A special trademark of the talented Swiss-Austrian tandem zurbrügg & hudecek are their ironic art documentaries based on tradition. Though rooted in a local environment, they avoid clichés, sentimentality and glorification."

Live-Soundtrack with:
Christina Zurbrügg (vocals/accordion),
Michael Hudecek (sax/vocals/git),
Wolfgang Tockner (keyboards/piano),
Klaus Fürstner (drums),
Herfried Knapp / Reinhard Ziegerhofer (bass/vocals).

01 bleiben oder gehen

02 tje-o

03 ueli

04 abschied

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