EVA PILZ – Die Hindupriesterin auf Java (2011)

«Eva Pilz – The Hindu Priestess of Java» | a film by zurbruegg & hudecek

The actress Eva Pilz was born in Salzburg and started her career in the 1960ies, together with Gerhard Bronner and Helmut Qualtinger. The successful artist soon noticed that acting was not fulfilling enough for her live. She studied acupuncture in Vienna and realized that for practicing this treatment she had to study “the Asian way of thinking“. Eva left Vienna, her husband and the theatre. In Java she found her spiritual teacher and practiced yoga. After several years of practice her master suggested that she become a priestess and Eva was ordained to Hindu priesthood in Solo.

Lenght approx. 30 min / DVcam

With: Eva Pilz
Directed by: Christina Zurbrügg & Michael Hudecek
Cinematographer: Bernhard Pötscher, Michael Hudecek
Production Company: GAMSfilm/ORF 2010 (Kreuz & Quer)

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