«Even as a child I loved transformation – to be somebody else, to live a different life – till I finally realized that I myself was all these strange “others”. Many tiny pieces of mirror on a big round disco sphere.»

© GAMS film&music
photos by Martin Auer, Joseph Gallauer, Gamsfilm, Gerhard Jurkovic, Renée Kelner, Lotus-Film etc.

2012 Film «Come who may» directed by Erich Leonhard
2008 Film «Half-Time» by zurbrügg & hudecek
2006 Film «Staying / Leaving» by zurbrügg & hudecek
2000 TV-Film «The arrest of Johann Nepomuk Nestroy» directed by Dieter Berner
Experimental film «Salt» Director: Renée Kellner
1985 TV-Film «The adventurous journey of Margrave Pallavicini» Director: Erich Lackner

2002 «Christl’s Wonderworld» Director: Michael Hudecek – Kosmos Frauenraum, Vienna
2002 «What’s up with Daniela Dunioz?» Director: Corinne Eckenstein – dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna
1998 «Ach, Garcia! Federico!» Director: Reinhard Auer – Freies Theater Bozen
1996 «Town without doors» Director: Rremy Brandner – dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna
1993 «Negress» Director: Martin Auer – Theater Drachengasse, Vienna
1986 «Die Bluthochzeit» Director: Ingrid Kähler – Junges Theater Berlin
1986 «Mörder, Hoffnung der Frauen» Director: Peter Ily Huemer – Vienna Festival
1986 «Extremities» Director: Ewa Teilmans – Theater zum Äußersten, Vienna
1985 «Das letzte Fest» Director: Ruben Fraga – Vienna Festival

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