TO THE END OF LOVE | Songs from films with accordion (2009)
Stories full of passion, poetry and lightness, tragic and comic like life itself – songs with accordion from the beginnings of sound film till today. Theater Drachengasse, Bar & Co

played by: Christina Zurbrügg (vocals), Maria Düchler (accordion) & Martin Kelner (guitar), visuals: Thomas Treu

ZURBRÜGG – 15 years on stage | zurbrügg solo (2005)

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CHRISTL’s WONDERWORLD | live-program (2002)

„“A musical universe that cannot be limited by any mountain, no matter how high.“
(Die Presse)

Pure Christina Zurbrügg:
In her solo program Christina Zurbrügg, the most charming cultural export from Switzerland to Vienna, roams through her own musical worlds – a biographical resume, so to speak. Exuberant yodels and doodles, rap, pop, tango and Spanish melancholia follow one another, as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

At last her vocal and musical virtuosity, her eloquent sense of humor and her passion for film can all be experienced in one program: She tells us about life at home and abroad, about coming and going, about life and show, multilingual and multicolored, accompanied by her “Golden Phil-Harmonica Orchestra” and video projections.

If Woody Allen was a female and would furthermore step down from the silver screen to entertain us with music and personal stories, then we would be right in the middle of «CHRISTL’S WONDERWORLD»:

A one-woman-show full of earthiness and glamour, offering humour and wisdom, as otherwise only life itself is able to write it. With her own works and that of others, polyglot and with exotic Swiss German – and with the most universal language of them all: Yodelling.)

A brilliant musical evening à la Zurbrügg.
Christina Zurbrügg – vocals / accordion / fujara

DANCING MARYLIN | live-program (1997)
Christina Zurbrügg sings “Marilyn dances and the music plays a dreamy waltz”

Once more a jewel in the Theatre Drachengasse, solid, brave and courageous … Christina Zurbrügg … ravishing and graceful like a fairy, on one hand astounds with difficult yodel artistry, on the other hand with complex contrasting vocal acrobatics … quite sensuous …
(Klein & Kunst)

One gets the impression that for this one hour on stage Christina Zurbrügg herself is transformed into music … one is almost overwhelmed by her cheerful charisma … a wonderfully atmospheric evening that makes the audience happy.
(Wiener Zeitung)

with: Christina Zurbrügg (vocals), Gerald Gradwohl (guitar), Peter Rosmanith (percussion), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (bass)

TOWN WITHOUT DOORS | musical play (1997)
stories and poems of different lifes

“”… Christina Zurbrügg has succeeded to produce a program without losing that peculiar austere charm that is so important for her character as an artist … A rare example of perfect mastership achieved by C.Z. and her ensemble in a form of expression perfectly adequate for them”. (NZ)

Based on “Nehki lik – Let me tell you” by Christina Zurbrügg
Premiere in the Künstlerhaus Theatre. Director Remi Brandner

NEGRESS | Christina Zurbrügg & «Spielleut-Trio» (1993)
«Die Frauen sind immer die Neger der Völker gewesen.“ (Rosalia Wenger)

Geradlinig, schnörkellos, in einer vom harten Bauerndialekt des Berner Oberlands geprägten Sprache erzählt Christina Zurbrügg die Geschichte ihrer Ahnen, inmitten der Fotos aus dem Album der Grossmutter, penibel zusammengestellt in einsam durchwachten, gichtschmerzenden Nächten.

Unterstützt wird sie von Musikern, die schon Jahre – bevor der Begriff geprägt wurde – «Neue Volkmusik» gemacht haben: es ist der Kerntrupp der «Liederlich Spielleut». Fremdartig, fast geheimnisvoll und doch vertraut klingen Klaus Trabitsch’s Jodler-Kompositionen. Voller Überraschungen die Arrangements der alten Schweizer Volkslieder, die Christina Zurbrügg aus den Archiven ans Licht geholt hat. Eine Musik ohne Alpenklischees, klar wie Gletscherwasser.

With: Christina Zurbrügg (Erzählung, Gesang), Klaus Trabitsch (Gesang, Gitarre, Geige, Harmonium), Peter Rosmanith (Percussion, Saugeige), Nicky Eggl (Flöten, Dudelsack)

«A Sorrow Beyond Dreams‘ from the Swiss mountains … With a keen sense for details Zurbrügg has traced these women. Their biographies are dramatic and symptomatic for the woman as ‘nigger’ of this world …»
(Die Presse)

« … a tender vocal recital: The finest of folklore and a wonderful voice.»

« … one is enthralled by a fascinating atmosphere … Together with the three musicians K. Trabitsch, P. Rosmanith und N. Eggl she (C. Zurbrügg) reaches her top form. So the evening turns into an experience, a feast.»
(Wiener Zeitung)

AS 55 YEARS GO BY | live-program (1991)
A musical biography about life and death of F.G. Lorca

with: Christina Zurbrügg (vocals), Judith Pahola (guitar), Klaus Bru (saxophone, flute) Peter Rosmanith (percussion), Arnulf Lindner (bass). Schauspiel: Thomas Stolzeti

Christina Zurbrügg and her musicians’ team create an almost magical atmosphere; blazing, yearning, suiting Lorca’s work … A grand evening …
(Wiener Zeitung)

Modern Troubadours … The musicians of Café de Chinitas not only perform Spanish music with power and perfection, but interpret and extend it into jazz and free jazz … from archaic folk tunes to ravishing improvisations … from oriental roots to program music … with the Swiss singer and composer Christina Zurbrügg …

… a new rhythm fitting Christina Zurbrügg‘s passionate singing.

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