«I only write when there is something so strong inside myself that it just has to get out. So it is not really me writing – something is writing me.»

«ORVUSE ON OANWE» Vienna’s doodlers. Life histories and songs;
Vienna, 1996


«The title of Christina Zurbrügg’s book reveals a second treat besides doodling: ‘Orvuse on Oanwe’ … a sample of the Viennese musicians’ jargon.»

«Zurbrügg allows each woman to tell her life story in her own words and just adds cautious comments… But what makes this book really precious are the songs, partly transcribed for the first time by Zurbrügg … With the warmest recommendations.»

«As the storytelling was hardly intervened with by editing, every life story connects itself to the contemporary history of this century and so renders very special eyewitness accounts … and another important part of the book: Christina Zurbrügg has transcribed lyrics and music of favorite songs and so has accomplished a pioneer deed for the conservation of female song.»

To be ordered at Österreichisches Volksliedwerk

«NEHKI LIK» - Let me tell you.
Vienna: edition handmade books, 1996 (1993)

The poems «One time» und «Sometimes» also were published in «Großer Ozean. Gedichte für alle.» Weinheim und Basel: Beltz & Gelberg, 2000, published by Hans-Joachim Gelberg. Likewise in: «Was für ein Glück.» Weinheim und Basel: Beltz & Gelberg, 1993, published by Hans-Joachim Gelberg

«One time» can be heard set to music on the CD «Startled».

«Nehki lik» can be ordered from C. Zurbrügg

«NEGRESS» - A tale. Vienna: Apfel-Verlag, 1994
(First performed in the Theater Drachengasse in 1993)


«‘A Sorrow Beyond Dreams‘ from the Swiss mountains … With a keen sense for details Zurbrügg has traced these women. Their biographies are dramatic and symptomatic for the woman as ‘nigger’ of this world …»
(Die Presse)

« ... a tender vocal recital: The finest of folklore and a wonderful voice.»

« is enthralled by a fascinating atmosphere … Together with the three musicians K. Trabitsch, P. Rosmanith und N. Eggl she (C. Zurbrügg) reaches her top form. So the evening turns into an experience, a feast.»
(Wiener Zeitung)

The text «About a girl who wanted to own everything» from «Negress» was also published in «Die Erde ist mein Haus.» Weinheim und Basel: Beltz & Gelberg, 1988, published by Hans-Joachim Gelberg.

Garfield, Leon / Edward Blishen: The gods of the Olymp. Vienna: Gabriel Verlag, 1998

Translated from English by Christina Zurbrügg and Martin Auer. (Martin Auer also wrote lyrics for the CD «Startled»)

«A literary masterpiece translated congenially.»

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