Ciudad sin sueño (1995) – Reviews

«"The world is small and the heart is vast" – Yes, she has got a big heart. With lots of feeling the Swiss artist always finds the specifically suitable sound ... sometimes folky, sometimes jazzy ... she sings dramatically, melancholy, but always accentuates right.»

«The effects of this interaction between traditional and unconventional instruments, the mixture of different styles are fascinating – luscious, melancholy, exciting, magical, just like the early deceased poet’s words, interpreted by Christina Zurbrügg with wonderful intuition. And the musicians are really brilliant ... »
(Wiener Zeitung)

«The music shouts and sobs ... It is as heterogeneous as its interpreters: Flamenco, chanson, driving jazz, mixed with folk tunes. The music sobs, shouts, creates powerful archaic pictures, and leads the listener into the turmoil of a fiesta. And nevertheless it remains dignified – just like Christina Zurbrügg ... »

«... a mélange of Paco de Lucía, Sade, Salsa und Latin American atmosphere.»
(Die Alternative)

«... from chanson to flamenco and jazz ... with wonderful rhythmic arrangements.»

«Spanish Jazz ... with a combo that masters flamenco just as well as Brasilian sounds ... And above it the clear voice of Christina Zurbrügg, exploring Lorca’s lyrical words with deep sensitivity for fragile moments ... easiness and depth together, without theatricality.»
(Rhythm blue)

«Not only for rainy summer days!»
(Salzburger Nachrichten)

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